About laszlo

Hello, my name is Laszlo. I am an American domestic shorthair cat living in Weehawken, New Jersey with my adopted human mom - Sherry. 

I decided to start a blog to share with other animal parents how my life was changed when I started to live an organic-lite lifestyle.

Back in the summer of 2014, when I was approximately 6 months old, I was found on the streets of Union City, NJ by TLC Rescue. Thankfully several months later, in January 2015, I was introduced to my soon to be new mom and we instantly fell in love. I was so happy and grateful to find a fur-ever home and immediately settled into being an indoor kitty.

I must admit that I was a little difficult at first - still having a bit of the feral in me and would sometimes bite and scratch my mom. But she was patient and loving and started to train me to be more "gentlemanly" using just a few words: NO - STAY - NO BITE - NO SCRATCH. 

In the meantime, shortly after I arrived, I started to loose fur on several parts of my body. I was licking a lot and accused of over-grooming. Mom took me to Dr. John Hatch at the Secaucus Animal Clinic and was tested for ringworm and thankfully tested negative. So Dr. Hatch referred us to Dr. Heather Peikes - an animal dermatologist (now at Oradell Animal Hospital) who determined that I was covered in yeast which indicated an allergic reaction making me itchy all over. I also had yeast in my ears which included "rocks of dirt" as Dr. Peikes called it, which made me very uncomfortable.

In order to clear up my yeast infection inside and out, the doctor prescribed a series of traditional medications. I hated these treatments and Mom had to put me in a Thunder Shirt to calm me down so she could administer all of the meds. 

Along the way, my mom started to research on the web about my hair loss problem because the doctor said it was most likely caused by a food allergy and she was recommending switching me to a "limited ingredient" and less allergenic diet such as duck or rabbit. In speaking to Mercy Garcia of TLC Rescue, Mercy mentioned a wholistic approach as a possible solution and recommended Wholistic Paws in Ridgewood, NJ.

She also started to read about the raw diet for cats and dogs and this is where it got interesting. The more she read, the more convinced she became that I needed to live an organic-lite lifestyle in order to "straighten me out" both inside and out.

As mom got further into her research, she changed my litter too, from "sweet wheat" to crushed walnut shells, which are completely grain free and hypoallergenic.