My Holistic Dentist Experience

Last week, mom took me to Holistic Pet Care in Little Falls, New Jersey because they offer a non-anesthesia dental cleaning procedure.

Mercy Garcia of TLC Rescue had recommended it for me since she knew I was due for a cleaning and mom tries to avoid anything that could possibly be a risk to me and Beau…and if you can avoid getting knocked out – that’s the way to go!

What is a holistic clinic?

Headed up by Dr. Gerald Buchoff, the clinic offers both holistic and traditional veterinary services, as you have to be a traditional vet before you can become a holistic vet – mom says it’s the best of both worlds!

You have more options when dealing with a health issue, as well as many more possibilities to be PROactive with your pet’s general health and well-being.

Their holistic services include Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Stem Cell, Ozone+UV and Cold Laser plus Biome Transplant and more…as well as various tinctures and remedies for issues like stress, depression, etc.

Getting back to my visit with Dr. Buchoff and his vet tech Stephanie…I can tell you that I was not a happy camper!

Besides giving me “the once over” and taking my temperature – meow-ouch – Stephanie scruffed me and Dr. Buchoff got busy examining my teeth and gums.

I put up a valiant effort to wiggle away but guess who won that mini battle? The good doctor! 

However it was determined that I might not be a candidate for the non-anesthesia teeth cleaning as I was obviously not happy with someone sticking their big fingers into my mouth!

With that said Dr. Buchoff is such an expert that during the examination he actually chipped the tartar off my teeth with his nails!!

Oral Dental Gel for Pets.png

He also recommended that mom give me the Pet Kiss Brighter Bite Dental Gel everyday whereas we were only doing it a few times a week and to be sure to get the gel directly on my back gums daily where I have some gingivitis. Dr. Buchoff thinks that the gums will clear up in 30 days – fingers and paws crossed!

If they don’t, then I would need to be put “to sleep” as x-rays would be required and further inspection and cleaning beneath the gums, and maybe even an extraction – who knows? Yikes…

I’m still going to have my teeth cleaned in the next month and mom hopes that things will work out that I don’t need to be drugged – and did I mention that the non-anesthetic procedure is very affordable too since there is no cost for the drugs?!

But, either way, we know that good dental health is super important for the overall good health of us pets!

The mouth is the portal to the whole body – need we say more! After spay and neutering, maintaining good dental health is next – whether us cats like it or not!