An Introduction to Trap, Neuter, and Return

When mom moved to Hudson County, New Jersey from New York City, she was alarmed to discover that there were some feral and stray cats in our backyard. These cats were known as the community cats and most of them had names and were being fed by neighbors up the hill. However, most years, a few new ones showed up or kittens were born, so the trap, neuter, release (TNR) efforts had to be an on-going effort. This would improve my fellow kitty's lives as well as the humans living here. Besides neutering, they get rabies shots as well as flea medication - these cats are basically wild cats with the care of house cats!

Mom joined up with our new neighbors to form a little "block association" and funded a "kitty" (no pun intended) to have money for the pending vet bills. The groups set out traps at a couple of homes and were successful at trapping a total of 4 adult cats and 4 kittens over 2 summers. After trapping the cats, they took them to the People for Animals Clinic in Hillside, NJ, who offers a low-cost neuter/spay service for feral cats.

The adults were released back into the backyards and the kittens were all adopted. Two of the five adults were never seen again, but two others continue to be fed daily by our "block association"! Needless to say, mom feel in love with the idea of TNR and would love to see more "block associations" created to save cats around the world!