Why your Cat will Love the Suck UK Fire Engine

Yesterday Mom and I put together the Kitty Fire Engine that Suck UK sent us as a gift because they knew how much Beau and I love our cat teepee by them!

After opening the box, we studied the cute instruction booklet and inspected each piece to see how it went together. We also spent a little time looking at the photo of the completed fire truck on the packaging.  Mom said that this time spent before assembly really helped get a better result in the end...I felt like it made the assembly process take too long...but who am I?

Top Tips for Constructing the Kitty Fire Engine

As it comes packed flat and all parts are stiff (due to its good quality cardboard) and now it has to become three-dimensional, our best tip is to go over every piece and gently un-fold or fold each section on the crease lines in advance… and pre-bend the tabs that are the “connectors” that keep the entire structure together. Mom called it the “warm-up”…making the parts malleable and easier to work with as you create the fire engine.

As we finished the truck, Mom said that she had to do a “little massaging” to a few of the pieces to get them to fit together in the end. She passed it off due to the thick quality of the cardboard that is being shaped into a structure…you have to apply some “pressure and force” as you connect the sections.  In the end, a couple connections won’t be “perfect” which is ok since we would rather have the sturdy cardboard for longevity. 

The company says no glue or tape is required to create their fantasy cat environments and that is true...but spoiler alert - Mom did tape the wheels on permanently after I knocked them off as I plopped my big bod into the fire engine for the first time! I might be more svelte, but I'm still a Big Boy!

The Kitty Fire Engine is so Life Like

Meanwhile, Mom started laughing as the truck came together and she saw all the authentic details and photographs that decorated the truck inside and out! The designers thought of everything she said! Clever and well done!

It did take a bit of time as we went slowly. Beau actually fell asleep on the floor of the truck waiting to take it out for a spin...but we love the final product and it was well worth the time spent. Mom says you are really putting together a Kitty Kulture little “work of art”.  She loves it...maybe even more than Beau and me!

This fire engine is supposed to be for us cats, but I wonder if it isn’t really for our human's entertainment! Meow!