National Black Cat Day & What It Means For Black Cats


Guess what? This week is National Black Cat Day – one whole day devoted to us blackies! Meow-za!

For us black cats, it is an extra special day for us to be recognized and honored for the special cats that we really are!

As many of you know, mom is very passionate about all cats, but especially for black cats who have been vilified as “bad luck” by certain cultures and still carry that stigma around in some communities.  

A year ago we launched our Black Cat Initiative, where we hope to be part of the dialogue to educate people that black cats are, in fact GOOD luck in many countries and cultures around the world. Each month we publish a post with a “good luck factoid” on Instagram about black cats. We hope to spur the conversation of “did you know that black cats really are good luck?”

What makes black cats lucky, you ask?

  • A black cat will bless a marriage and are often given as a gift to the bride…a single woman with a black cat will have many suitors…so says the United Kingdom and Japan…

  • To the citizens of the south of France, black cats are magical - and feeding them and caring for them will bring good luck to the owner.

  • Many sea-faring countries have long believed that a black cat on the ship will bring good luck to the crew for a safe passage and return to home port.

  • Most of Asia considers having a black cat to be lucky.

Additionally for us black cat’s sake, we supposedly carry a gene that gives us a certain amount of immunity to feline diseases and we have an excess of melanin which gives us our gorgeous black fur.

Mom gets a bit discouraged when Halloween comes around, and predictably there are “stupid” articles about whether black cats are lucky or unlucky and most of them dwell too much on how they came to have this terrible superstition around them in some cultures…blah, blah, blah…and sadly the articles end with the superstitions perpetrated – and not debunked as they should be!

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It is ancient history mom says and we will continue to talk about it – particularly to children and young people in our local community as we have a chance to shift their perspectives if we can get to them young!

Additionally we feature a special little collection of gifts for our cat enthusiasts featuring black cats on our online shop, Meow Mini Mart, and with every purchase, a portion of their proceeds will be donated to our local cat rescue group.

P.S.: Meow Mini Mart is offering FREE SHIPPING on EVERYTHING this weekend in honor of National Black Cat Day!