National Pet Dental Month: 3 Ways to Ensure Your Pet's Teeth Are Healthy

A few months back, we touched on how it important it is to our overall health and wellness to care for your cat’s teeth, just like you human pet parents! The mouth and the teeth are the gateways to the rest of the body – and their wellness – or the lack thereof – affects the overall health of that person and kitty!

Just so you know, we have 30 adult teeth and ancestrally would chew on grass and bones in the wild to keep our teeth clean.

Dental Gel For Cats' Teeth

Mom has been giving us dental gel every couple days to help control the tartar and plaque build-up. Obviously brushing our teeth is the optimal plan, but many of us kitties violently protest anytime you come near our mouths...unless you have a treat in your hand of course!

Mom has been on a mission to care for mine and Beau’s teeth ever since she read up on all the issues and problems that cats can have with their teeth. She said a couple of them are down-right gross – like tooth resorption – which is the most common cause of tooth loss in a cat…yikes!

Bone Broth For Cats' Teeth

Beau is still our little resister, but I am getting more comfortable with mom’s finger in my mouth. Yesterday, she bought some pet bone broth and she is going to wrap her finger in gauze and dip it in the bone broth and start to massage my gums…she said that she read that our gums need stimulation just like our humans do to protect against gingivitis - yes we felines get gum disease!

Also, the toothbrush is coming shortly now that she has been training us with the gel and the current gum-massaging.

Laszlo Bone Broth.JPG

Important Reminders For Your Cats' Teeth:

  • Be vigilant about your cat's teeth and breath…learn to tell the difference between kitty breath and bad breath.

  • Get a yearly dental checkup and be sure the vet does a thorough inspection.

  • Establish a regular cleaning schedule – 3 times a week at the very least.

  • Feed us high-quality raw food, which is credited with fewer dental issues and better breath.

  • Only give us single ingredient treats.

Beau is going to have to get with the program as per mom - she is top cat and what she says goes! Meow!