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How to Clean Your Cat's Ears

WHAT?! You want to clean my ears? No way!! I can remember telling my mom that, shortly after my adoption, when we got back from Dr. Heather Peikes’ office when I was diagnosed with a yeast infection all over my body and in my ears. Dr. Peikes said my ears were filled with “dirt and debris” and I was unable to keep up with proper ear-cleaning

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All About Our Online Shop: Meow Mini Mart

As I watch mom prep for the Meow Mini Mart pop-up shop at the Biker Cat Club of Long Island show this weekend, it makes me think back to how we got here and why. While some of you know the connection between Best Life Pets and Meow Mini Mart, some of you may not. Since it has been almost a year since we launched at our first event this past spring, I thought it was time to formally introduce the newest addition to our family!

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The Importance Growth of The Holistic Lifestyle For Pets

Mom just came back from the Pet Connections Expo in Philadelphia and was all excited by what she found at the show. While it was a regional show with approximately 50 companies, she said the exciting news was how many companies were focused on all things green, holistic and authentic…from the food ingredients to cat litter to how things were made in sustainable ways to offering preventatives and supplements so pet parents can be proactive instead of being reactive when an issue arises.

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