Taking Care Of Your Pet's Teeth

Mom says good dental health is key to good kitty health…just like our pet parents! However I never met a kitty who said they actually enjoy getting their teeth brushed! MEOW – NO!

However since mom is TOP cat in our house – what she says goes – and she says we have to do whatever we can to try to maintain good oral health. Dental decay and disease contribute to poor health and can lead to even death.

The best time to start brushing our teeth is when we are kittens so that we get used to it. But for many of us rescues who were adopted as adults, we have never had our teeth brushed – and we are not starting now!

Or so we think…

Dental Gel That We Actually Love

Mom talked to the holistic pet store in town and they recommended a flavored dental gel as a good starting point. It is from Pet Kiss Company and it is good for dogs and cats and has a vanilla mint flavor, which Beau and I both enjoy!

The instructions are to let us lick a little off our mom’s finger and then to smear some on our canines and gums…and us kitties will do the rest by licking and distributing the gel around our mouths….but that is where the fight comes in…mom has to get us in a gentle headlock so as to smear the gel on our fangs – I get it and don’t fight her too much but Beau is like an “octopus” and tries to get out of mom’s gripe!


In the end, mom wins of course because she is the boss…and we are sure that there is a toothbrush in our future once we get used to having mom’s fingers in our mouths!

As you check out dental care online, mom recommends you stick with the gels, wipes, kitty toothpaste and brushes for our oral kitty care!

Mom does not have faith in the “teeth-cleaning treats” or the chew sticks which all supposedly remove plaque…also since we only eat raw, all those items are processed – and therefore do not contribute to our optimum health.

A Raw Diet Helps Pets' teeth

Actually, a raw diet will help in maintaining better oral health too as the food is pure and therefore does not stick to the teeth the same way processed food does! Cats that eat raw have less bad breath!!!

In the end, since we live an organic–lite life – mom says – stick with the basic tools that actually can work and don’t impact our life in some other way.

And of course, be sure your vet checks your pet’s teeth every year during their annual visit. Even with good consistent oral hygiene, sometimes as we get older we may need to have our teeth cleaned by the vet!