Trap-Neuter-Return Community on Facebook

Sometimes I see Mom at her computer crying…and I know she is reading the Facebook postings of Trap-Neuter-Return Community…it is a group with over 16,000 members from all over the world. I hear her tell people it is a closed group, so you just need to request to join and they accept you in…she says it’s probably because they want to be sure that everyone is truly a cat advocate and not some troll…aren’t those little blue men with yellow hair…?

Seriously she says she is so happy to have found this FB group that focuses on all things TNR…everyone shares their experiences, their successes with trapping cats, getting them neutered for an affordable price hopefully and then returning them to their original community.

The community also talks about their failures…unable to trap a wily kitty for years, losing a favorite backyard feral after taking care of them for years – the ferals become outside pets.

Trap-Neuter-Return Community on Facebook

There are also heart warming stories about rescues...kitties on the brink of death but surviving because of the loving, caring rescue groups, fosters and eventual forever homes for the kittens who haven’t turned feral yet…this is when Mom starts to cry!

The group offers a ton of support to anyone who is just beginning to do TNR – and “newbies” constantly post requesting tips on “best practices”

As so many people want to help the neighborhood kitties but don’t know where to start – or where to find a trap – and what kind of trap, etc. This is all done so that they can give the ferals a better life by neutering them so that eventually the colony will be reduced which is better for the human residents too. TNR is a win-win for all – MEOW!