Why Two Cats Are Better Than One

When mom decided to “foster to adopt” me almost 4 years ago, TLC Rescue encouraged mom to “take two” and adopt two cats at the same time.

Mom was already a little nervous having a new cat, let alone two at once, so she declined and I went home with her as the solo feline in residence!

Not that I minded being the only cat in the house – after all mom and I needed to get to know each other “one on one”. And since I was a foster-fail previously, obviously I needed to learn a few things too!

And I didn’t mind having the exclusive on all the snuggling, petting and toys that mom provided! It’s always nice to be the #1 cat!  


However, since mom worked most days and traveled at times, I spent a lot of time alone at home, and over the course of the next year, became somewhat bored and even depressed at the lack of “entertainment”. I just kind of laid around all day and didn’t even run to meet mom at the door.

And I certainly was not getting any exercise to speak of…Mom was often too tired after work to play with me as often as I probably needed.

In the meantime, mom started volunteering for the cat rescue group and she would see 2 kittens or cats in one cage with a sign that they need to be adopted together because they are “bonded” – either as littermates or surrendered together to a shelter when their owner passed away.

Generally speaking, cats like fellow feline and even canine house companions…it is the rare cat that does not tolerate other pets and has to be the only animal in the house.

She would hear the adoption counselors telling potential adopters that they should strongly consider adopting a second cat “at some point” if this is their first cat in the house and they can always start by fostering a second cat to “feel it out”.

The list is long as to why “two are better than one”…but the best benefit is that two cats provide exercise and entertainment to each other and prevent feline feelings of boredom, loneliness and depression.

Mom quickly realized that I needed a little buddy to keep me company and keep me young! Within a couple of months, TLC Rescue found us a frisky 4 month-old grey kitten at the shelter – enter Beau into our lives! His arrival definitely changed my life and mom’s as well!


We are now “two” and Beau and I spend time every day rumbling and tumbling and chasing each other from one end of the house to the other…and mom loves to watch us getting exercise and entertaining each other, and now doesn’t worry or feel guilty if she is out all day.

And mom says that it is not more work to have two cats; in a certain way it is a lot easier to have two cats rather than one. Ok there is double the amount of deposits in the litter box, but the benefits to our health and wellness, and her peace of mind more than make up for some extra scooping!