Why microchip your cat?

Unfortunately, every year there are countless lost pets that are never found. There is, however, one way that you pet parents can help this epidemic - and that is to microchip your pets - even the indoor pets!

Microchip your Pet

Having your pet microchipped can aid in reuniting yourself with your lost baby. More and more shelters and animal rescue groups, in addition to veterinary clinics, have microchip scanners on hand so that if an animal gets picked up or turned in as "lost", they can check for a microchip immediately. Collars and tags often fall off, but the microchip is always there!

Microchip: The Cost

The cost for a microchip is generally a one-time charge of $80-$100 (but you can't put a cost on keeping your best friend safe!) depending on the area - in some lowers income areas, many do it for less. Additionally, some animal rescue groups have been known to host events that include a low-cost microchip and rabies shots, so definitely check the internet and you might find something in your area!

Microchipping your Pet is Safe

Microchipping your pet is 100% safe. There is no anesthetic necessary for a microchip procedure - it is as simple a procedure as a vaccine or shot. Microchips are RFID devices, which means that there is no need for a connection, but unfortunately there is no GPS. When a pet with a microchip is found, all you need to do is pass the scanner over the pet. The microchip is not run on batteries, it will last for your pet's lifetime. Don't worry - your personal information is not programed into the chip, only a unique tracking ID, which a pet recovery center will use to look up your contact information. 

I hope that I have convinced you that my feline friends and family should be microchipped. Some of the popular microchipping companies are HomeAgain, PetLink, and Avid - all of them microchip pets nationally. 

Microchip Indoor Pets Too

You may still be wondering why you should microchip an indoor cat. This is because accidentally your cat can get loose and wander into the street. A visitor or houseworker can inadvertently leave a door ajar or a window open. Personally, I have lost a few feline friends because they were curious about "what's out there?" and ran out the door thinking they would find their way back. I want all of my friends to be safe at all times!