Welcome to Best Life Pets!

What is Best Life Pets overall goal and reason for being?

To be a “sharing” guide for pet parents as they consider going “all organic” and demystifying the process and costs involved with introducing a gluten-free, grain-free and chemical-free existence...the goal being that with a few simple changes in diet and environment, the pet owner can give their pets its best life.

Our search started because we were dealing with hair loss in our pet which lead to a whole new “ organic” world opening up to us as it related to pet wellness involving diet and environmental conditions…just like us – pets are what they eat…the more we researched, the more we came to the conclusion  “whenever possible”, go organic and holistic…and that does not mean that we don’t have respect for the traditional path, particularly in certain areas…because it will be almost impossible to be “totally pure” due to various issues that will come up – and each pet parent can weigh the options that they have learned from their vets and through reading about others experiences with organic food and holistic options and creating their own list of best practices for their pet.

What does “organic-lite lifestyle” mean?

Simply said, it means to do whatever is necessary to give you pet a healthy, sustainable, long life, starting with the following:

Diet and Nutrition – only organic food – raw or freeze-fried…gluten free, grain –free and chemical free…preferable made by an organic pet food company who will include an all –meat protein plus fruit and veggies with the additional, and necessary minerals and vitamins that cats and dogs need…beats home-cooking in that department please note!

In the Case of Cats – they are carnivores and like to “catch” their prey and eat it – try to give them as close to a “wild existence” and feed them twice a day a feline raw meat diet and when done, take away the bowl…they are not grazers – dry food left out all day is boring for a cat – no sport there…we will also explore how an organic diet leads to fewer vet bills in the long run plus the transformation you and your pet will experience in the luster and softness of their fur, less bad breath, and virtually no litter box odors.

Supplements – the 3 basics all pets should get daily - coconut oil, wild Alaskan salmon oil, probiotics for optimum gut health…plus many others for special needs cases.

Fresh Water - change daily - preferably filtered.

Litter – as organic as possible, preferably from sustainable sources such as wood chips and walnut shells with no chemicals…no wheat, corn, soy, grain, or clay.

Medicines and Vaccinations – both “hot topics” amongst the pet world…we will dive into it over time and share what we have learned and hope that we can help contribute to pet parents making more informed decisions after speaking to their own vet and/or holistic pet practitioner as well…our position is - we try to use as few as possible but would never put our pet’s health at risk either just for the sake of being a purist.

For Cats – they need to stay indoors to insure a long happy, sustainable life…it has been proven that indoor cats live twice as long as outdoor cats…and today it has never been easier to keep your cat indoors…there have been major advances in the whole “waste management” area – new and improved litters and litter boxes…you can have an odor-free existence with an indoor cat…also recognizing that cats need stimulation just like their dog friends – the pet world offers a plethora of toys, gadgets, cat condos, scratching posts, etc…to entertain your pet safely indoors…we will explore all of these areas.

Check Ups – appropriate annual wellness checkups with your vet or holistic practitioner…acute attention to any injury, sickness or change in the pet’s behavior and take action immediately.

In conclusion, an organic-lite lifestyle is a blend of the traditional practices and the holistic path for your pets…and whenever possible – going organic and trying to stay on the holistic path as much as possible.

Making that transition is fairly simple and it is a process over a period of time as you and your pet get more comfortable with it…we hope by sharing our experiences on our journey, we can inspire you to “go organic and sustainable” and give your pet its best life.